The World | Breakaway


Millenia ago, the world was fractured into several pieces. Many religious texts of the Sharyshans claim it was caused by a war between deities, while several Tetran historians insist it was a cataclysmic event created by a superweapon. Both agree the result is the world’s current state: several continents were set adrift, surrounded by strange boundaries.

Many call these barriers the Horizon. For any who travel through it, the Horizon is like a corner that continues to turn in on itself. Things inside cannot be unseen – and some will come back with you. Only the Skimmeri are known to have made it through consistently and safely, returning with strange treasures and stranger stories.



Horizon is a strange, almost unquantifiable resource. The ability to control it is studied but rarely understood. Several Sharyshans have dedicated their lives to its study, with only a handful being considered masters.

Most Sharyshans believe Horizon is divine magic, pulled from the barriers that surround the continent. Many Tetran scholars theorize that the Horizon is more likely a way to reach through the multiverse and pull through elements from other universes into this one. This is looked on with much skepticism by the Sharyshan academic community. Tetrans consider the ‘magic theory’ to be superstitious and archaic.



Sharysh is one of the free-floating continents that travel across the world. It is populated with people who long ago embraced gene splicing. Few unspliced humans remain, and several cultures have risen in their place - along with alliances, countries, and religions. The language that most people are able to communicate through is a sign language called Trade.



Tetra Sovereign is a continent ravaged by corporations and greed. Once a technological marvel, most of the population now lives on megaservers in the Nexus as uploaded consciousnesses. It was in this pursuit that land was razed for its resources. Those that survived came face-to-face with their mortality – and awakened artificial life. New life is now reclaiming the continent alongside nature. All Tetrans can communicate wirelessly with each other, in a language they call Binary.